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Everything you need to intelligently rate shop

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Rules engine

Automate rate shopping with our rules engine.

Multi-carrier support

We support rate shopping between dozens of carriers, ensuring you get the best rate.

Features for 3PLs

Need to set custom rules on per-customer basis? We got you covered.


Integration with popular OMSes and sales channels, such as ShipStation or Shopify. We can also build custom integrations for your WMS or OMS.

Better delivery estimates

Using a proprietary API analyzing millions of package data, get accurate delivery times on any service.

Speed & Reliability

Our system is backed by the latest in cloud technologies to deliver low latency and high availability, even during peak hours.

SpeedToShip dropped our average shipping cost from $9 to $8, while also saving on labor costs! Our customers are very happy with the shipping services we are able to provide.

Kirk Salisbury

Co-founder at SendEats, LLC.

Removing the guess work from shipping through intelligent rate shopping.

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